Finding a Snooker Club

Finding a Snooker Club

If you are considering playing snooker one of the most important considerations is where to play.

Snooker is a popular sport in the UK and most towns have a number of clubs. As a newcomer to the sport, or perhaps to a town, its important to find one of these clubs that suits you and how you want to play the game.

Each snooker club has a different ambience, a different feel that is a largely a function of the owner, the staff and the customers and this is important to feeling comfortable in the club you choose. Other factors to consider are the location and proximity to your home or work place

Many people like to visit their snooker club as a group and make a complete evening of the visit including a meal so does the club offer meals or hot food?

You'll want to consider your skill level as a player alongside the facilities the club offers. Typical club players might not be so concerned about being able to play on a match level table as someone who is determined to make a career as a professional snooker player. The type and condition of the tables, as well as how often they are cleaned and recovered is a big consideration.

Many clubs have a resident professional and will provide a dedicated table and space to that player. For the less skilled it might be important to find a club that offers coaching at your skill level so you can improve your game.

In popular clubs it can often be important to book table time in advance particularly at busy times. You can usually do this with a phone call; some have on-line booking facilities.

Many snooker clubs run regular competitions and these are a great way of getting to know all the other players in your area and often from further afield. Most will run a Handicap competition that allows players of all abilities to play together. These are popular in local clubs and usually well attended. As a player of lower standard improves his snooker skills his handicap will be adjusted downwards.

So there we have some of the things that you should keep in mind if you're thinking about joining a snooker club.

Of course ultimately you'll need to visit them and have a look around. So where are your local snooker clubs? Well there are number of ways of finding snooker clubs, but a quick visit to will allow you to easily see those in your area.

Most clubs require annual membership, but will usually allow potential new members in as a guest so take advantage of this. Perhaps take a friend and go along and check them out.

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